What is a Coworking Space?


Everyone's asking us about what a coworking space is. So we decided to create a short but informative article about what it is, how it works, and how it benefits its guests and members.

Coworking spaces are shared working spaces. Think about Starbucks minus the ever so crowded atmosphere, or an office that kind of looks like a cafe, but with unlimited coffee. It's a marriage of these two and their benefits that makes it such a lucrative place to stay in.

A coworking space is specifically designed to cater to freelancers, students, and businessmen escaping the monotonous home environment, the loud noises. Eliminating these distractions helps them focus and efficiently complete the work they have to do.

A benefit as well is networking opportunities. Confined in the same space are freelancers or entrepreneurs in the same field or line of work whom you can share your ideas or potentially collaborate with on some projects. The space allows so much diversity that this might be the place for you to meet a future client, employee, employer or a friend..

That said, the possibilities are endless with the space. Let us highlight some of The Mastermind Hub's key functions, equipment, and amenities you'll enjoy.

1. High-speed internet connection - Home and data internet connections can be at times too slow, or unreliable which can affect productivity. A coworking space provides reliable and high-speed internet with reliable backups to ensure that work is not interrupted.

2. Flexible hours - Have a short Skype meeting? You can just book an hour. Need to spend the day working on a project? There’s a day pass. Do you need to meet with your team for a few hours? Book a conference room for a few hours. You’re not bound by long-term contracts and you can come and go as you like which gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility.

3. Private Areas and Skype Rooms - Hearing a rooster crowing, kids playing in the background, or your neighbor singing their hearts out to their karaoke machines can sound unprofessional to your clients or just plain distracting from your work. Soundproofed areas with sound insulation and privacy will help you focus on your client and help make your business operations sound and look professional.

4. Conference Rooms - No man is an island right? There’s an innate human need to connect with one another. As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you might be missing the need for face to face conversations. Plus everything just gets done faster when you’re working side by side with your colleague. Brainstorming, coming up with ideas, Mastermind sessions are best-done face to face. A conference room allows you to enjoy all that with your team and have more productive meetings.

5. Virtual Office - No office but need to register your business? No problem! A coworking space not only shares the space but also helps get your business set up with an office, receptionist, business phone number plus email handling.

6. Ongoing education - Majority of the people who flock coworking spaces are skilled professionals. Seminars, conferences, and courses are created within the space. If you’re into learning new skills or upgrading your skill set, you can always find assistance, a mentor, a coach, or a Mastermind to help you out.

Hope that helps you understand how a coworking space works. This is our first article here in Mastermind and we hope to create more valuable content in the future.