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What services do we offer?

July 21 2023 – Monshiar Martell Villarta

What services do we offer?
What services do we offer?

Common Area
The common area is the heart of the community. It consists of open seating arrangements, comfortable couches, communal tables, and other casual seating options. This space encourages interaction and networking between coworkers, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Professionals can use the common area to work on their laptops, engage in discussions, or take breaks.

Cubicle Area
Cubicle areas refer to designated sections of the shared workspace that are designed to provide a private and comfortable working environment for individuals or teams. These areas typically consist of small enclosed workstations or cubicles, separated by walls or partitions, which offer a level of privacy and quietness.

Soundbooth Area
Soundbooth areas or private rooms are designated spaces within the shared workspace that offer soundproofed and private environments for individuals or teams. These areas are designed to provide a quiet and controlled space, free from outside noise and distractions, making them ideal for tasks that require focus, concentration, or privacy.


Drafting Table
A drafting table is the ultimate creative sanctuary for architects, designers, and artists alike. Whether you're sketching blueprints, designing masterpieces, or conceptualizing groundbreaking projects, our drafting tables provide the ideal canvas for your creative endeavors. 

Other Services Offered:

  • Printing (Letter/A4/Legal)
  • Layout Services
  • Virtual Office
  • Mail Handling