Coworking Space Monthly Pass for Students

Sale price Price ₱4,000.00 Regular price ₱5,000.00 Unit price  per 

Stay with us for a month! You can enjoy the use of our coworking space and common areas for the discounted rate of P4000 for the whole month (30 days). This rate covers the entire day from 8am-9am with special scheduling privileges until 12am (booked or scheduled in advance).


1. High-speed internet powered by PLDT Fibr and Converge. 250 mbps wifi - 200 Mbps PLDT + 50 mbps backup Converge.

2. Unlimited coffee and filtered water

3. Option to upgraded access to the conference room to be used as study areas for up to 12-15 of your classmates/colleagues

4. Option to upgraded access to Skype room/cubicle areas. This area is soundproofed and insulated which reduces external noises.

5. Access to pantry area with refrigerator and microwave for your packed meals.

6. No corkage fees for any outside food/beverage

7. Relaxing, clean, and calm environment

8. Access to our garden/break room area.

9. Access to our mini-library with a great selection of timeless classics, novels, reference materials. Including our virtual Ebook and audiobook library.

10. The area is secured with access doors that limit access to only members and guests. We have 24 hour CCTV monitoring.

11. Complimentary one-hour booking for our conference room for group study or meetings (booked two weeks in advance)

Note: This rate is applicable to students. Please present your ID to take advantage of this special offer.

Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer is for students in the basic, primary, secondary, tertiary, masters and graduate levels. If you are preparing or studying for your board or bar exams, you are also qualified for this offer. Please present your ID or proof of review, or registration so you can take advantage of this special rate.

2. The offer is non-transferrable and only for the registered community member.

3. Complimentary one-hour conference room booking must be booked two weeks in advance.

4. In case of a whole day booking of the coworking space where the office is closed off for the day or for more than 12 hours. The community members will be updated a week in advance. We will provide an additional day to compensate for day/s lost.

5. We will accommodate your preferred schedule but please advise us a week in advance if you plan to work or study beyond 9pm so we can schedule staff to be with you during post office hours. 

6. Our E-book library is mostly composed of fiction novels but we are happy to locate any book that is available for download without monetary amounts if you need them.

7. We apply a fair use policy in the use of the internet, no downloading of movies or large content more than 3gb so as not impact the other community member's experience. If you need to download large files, please let our community managers know so we can help you.

8. We encourage networking and collaboration so if you feel like you have something valuable to contribute to fellow members or community managers don't hesitate to approach them if they are not busy or unavailable for conversation.

9. You are allowed to bring outside food as long as it is not smelly or will disrupt the use of our coworking space.

10. We practice a clean as you go policy, please help us maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of our community space as a courtesy to your fellow community members.