Private Workspace Hourly Booking - Skype Room and Cubicle Areas

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If you need to spend the day to focus on your work and need your own private workspace. We have you covered with our Skype Room and Cubicle Area.

The Skype Room and Cubicle Area has the following features:

1. High speed internet powered by PLDT Fibr and Converge. This area has an exclusively dedicated 50mbps allocation, that is not shared with the other users. The 200mbps internet is still available for use.

2. Unlimited coffee and filtered water

3. Option to upgraded access to our conference rooms for your client presentations.

4. Soundproofed and insulated area so you can focus on your work.

5. Access to pantry area with refrigerator and microwave for your packed meals.

6. No corkage fees for any outside food/beverage

7. Relaxing, clean, and calm environment

8. Access to our garden/break room area.

9. Access to our mini-library with a great selection of timeless classics, novels, reference materials. Including our virtual Ebook and audiobook library.

10. Area is secured with access doors that limits access to only members and guests.

11. Access to the Mastermind Hub Skype Group. You can ask for assistance without leaving your desk if there is anything you need from our front desk Masterminds.

12. Access to printers, scanners, and fax.

13. Option to avail of the space as your very own Virtual Office.

Note: This area is available for long-term use. You can approach the front desk Mastermind to guide you in the process of setting up your own virtual office.